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The members of executive committee of Ibadan branch include the following: –
1 Prof (Mrs). E. N. Ekpo – Chairperson
2 Mr. J M. Usman –Branch Secretary
3 Mr. Esimekhai Donatus – Treasurer
4 Mrs. Udaghe O.M. Program Secretary

The following were the branch activities for year 2018/2019

1 The 2018 Annual Business Meeting (ABM) of Nigerian Field Society was hosted by Ile-Ife Branch held on April 28, 2018. Ten (10) members of Ibadan Branch were in attendance. The events of the day started with the ABM lecture titled ‘Population regulation: the major antidote for economic growth and sustainable development’. Dr. Adedeji Aduwo introduced the speaker, Prof. P.O. Ogunjuyigbe of Department of Demography and Social Statistics, OAU, Ile-Ife. Among the events at the ABM was Branch Secretary Reports of which Mike Usman read that of Ibadan Branch. There was an award ceremony. The awardees are:
(i) Christine Bankole nee Winter (Ibadan Branch of NFS)
(ii) Kathleen Okpako (Ibadan Branch of NFS)
(iii) Prof. Mynepalli K.C. Sridhar (Ibadan Branch of NFS)
(iv) Prof. Augustine O. Isichei (Ile-Ife Branch)
(v) Dr. Modupe Martha-alice Ladipo nee Abayomi (Ibadan Branch of NFS)
(vi) Prof. (Mrs.) E.N. Ekpo (Ibadan Branch of NFS)
(vii) Mr. V.O. Osula (Ibadan Branch of NFS)
Out of the eight awardees seven were from Ibadan Branch.

2 Seminar presentation by Fr. Anselm Adodo, OSB (University of Ibadan) on Researching Africa with Africa Eyes presented at the Institute of Africa Studies, University of Ibadan. 25th July, 2018. Eight (8) members of Ibadan Branch of NFS were in attendance.

3 A trip to Agodi gardens by members of the Ibadan Branch of Nigerian Field Society on the 22nd of September, 2018. Areas of interest sighted were boat ride, swimming pool, mini zoo, barbeque corner, palm wine joint, forest, among others. Ten members were present.

4 End of the year get together was held at Botanical garden at the University of Ibadan on the 22nd of December, 2018. Nine (9) members were present.

5 A trip to National Museum of National Unity Alesinloye Area, Oyo State. 7th March, 2019. Eighteen (18) members were in attendance.

6 There was a lecture presentation by Mr. Ine Ifechukwude (Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria) on Bird Monitoring Exercise in Omo Biosphere Reserve, Ogun State. The venue of the lecture was the seminar room, Botany Department, University of Ibadan. 20th March, 2019. Twenty five (25) people attended.

7 Courtesy visit to Mrs. Chris Bankole31st June, 2019. Six (6) members attended.

8 Courtesy visit to Mrs. Chris Bankole 9th July, 2019. Five (5) members attended.

9 Mr Samuel Banjoko expressed a serious worry about the felling of trees and some marked trees due for felling at the University of Ibadan through Eng. Morakinyo to the chairperson of The Nigerian Field Society Prof. (Mrs) Ekpo, E.N. on the 12th of July 2019. Prof. (Mrs) Ekpo, E.N. immediately got in touch with Prof. Oluwadare, the chairman of tree planting/tree felling committee at the University of Ibadan. He explained that they only cut trees when absolutely necessary for the following reasons:
• When the tree poses a threat to any building (residential, offices, lecture rooms etc.)
• When a construction is to take place and there may be need to cut the trees in the location
He further emphasis that they only cut trees when absolutely necessary.

10 There was a visit to Renewable Resources Center, Teaching and Research Farm, University of Ibadan, Ibadan on 10th September, 2019. Also lecture on smokeless charcoal and biogas was given by Prof. Sridhar and Dr. Hammed. Field trip was girded by Dr. Hammed to various units of the biogas production which include refuse derived fuel, home composter, smokeless charcoal production unit, high temperature bio-waste incinerator wood charcoal kiln and mushroom hut. Thirty eight (38) people were in attendance.

11 World Habitat day Symposium held in FRIN on the 8th oh October, 2019. Theme: Green Cities for Healthy Living. Speaker: Prof. Abayomi. Ten members of Ibadan NFS members attended.

12 Nigerian Field Society, Ibadan Branch held the 2019 Annual General Meeting on August 17th, 2019 at Federal Department of Forestry, Jericho, Ibadan. Issues affecting the branch were discussed. Plan of events for the next year were drawn. Sixteen (16) members were present.


Mike Usman
Ibadan Branch Secretary